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The Jama’at was founded in 1992, four years after the establishment of the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone. We are the first registered student organisation of the College. The Jama’at comprises all Muslim students from the five different faculties (Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, and Laboratory Science) and we are a non-sectarian, non-partisan, and non-political organisation. Our core values are built on the following Aims and Objectives:

  • Promote Islamic consciousness among Muslim students
  • Guide members on how to maximize academic efficiency
  • Foster unity and brotherhood among Muslim students
  • Ensure that members practice Islamic principles and doctrines
  • Introducing members to basic clinical skills
  • Facilitate an Islamic environment for Muslim students
  • Promote Islamic education in nation-building through Dawah and Research


We dream to see a day when a mosque stands erect on the College campus at Kossoh Town. The mosque will serve as a great beacon of light of hope to Muslim students. It is also our heart's desire to see that because of COMMUJ, Sierra Leone and the entire world enjoy the service of excellent and God-fearing medical practitioners.


Membership is constitutionally open to all Muslim students and workers of COMAHS. However, to become a registered member, one has to fill a membership form provided by the Jama’at. The registered member is entitled to a membership card.